Motivational Quotes to Fan Your Entrepreneurial Fire

Motivational Quotes to Fan Your Entrepreneurial Fire

Motivation fascinates many of us around the Primus Management Group office. We enjoy finding new sources of inspiration and push for greater successes. Quotes can sometimes be incredibly effective at this, despite coming in small packages. Here are a few top inspiring quotes that will fan your entrepreneurial fire:

• “Do the One Thing You Think You Cannot Do” – Oprah Winfrey: This instruction is sage advice for any ambitious individual. Often, we are our own greatest critics. Take a risk and take on a new challenge. Even if you fall short, you will have the chance to try again until you achieve your goals.

• “Starting and Growing a Business Is as Much About the Innovation, Drive, and Determination of the People Behind It as the Product They Sell” – Elon Musk: In any business, the people matter. This quote rings true for Primus Management Group. Everything we have achieved is thanks to the efforts of our associates.

• “Being Fearless Means Getting Up One More Time Than You Fall Down” – Arianna Huffington: Don’t let fear hold you back from success. You only need to be successful once to accomplish your grandest aspirations.

• “Your Time Is Limited So Don’t Waste It on Someone Else’s Life” – Steve Jobs: The Apple founder believed everyone must walk his or her own path. Don’t worry yourself over other people’s expectations. Instead, dedicate yourself to identifying and living the lifestyle that best suits you.

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