One Simple Yet Highly Effective Interview Question

One Simple Yet Highly Effective Interview Question

Recruiting people to join Primus Management Group is all about finding individuals with the drive and energy for the customer acquisition field. Our management team has invested significant time into perfecting our interview process. There is one question we have discovered that is simple but immediately gets to the heart of the hiring process.

When you are looking for a new team member, consider asking which skill he or she possesses that will most impact the bottom line. This will quickly show if the individual understands your business model well. If he or she doesn’t fully understand how you generate value for your customers or how the position fits into it, this question will be challenging to answer.

This question also gets at the main reason for hiring anyone; he or she will help your business thrive. This simplicity is part of why our Primus Management Group leaders took notice of this question. While every position in your organization will add value in different ways, they should all be contributing to the overall success. Candidates who understand this will have strong answers.

Perhaps the best aspect of this question is that it is fairly open-ended. It requires the candidate to think about his or her response. Therefore, it can be an excellent way to kickstart a more in-depth conversation. Discussion-based interviews are often more revealing than traditional question-and-answer formats.

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