Adding New Talent to Dominate in 2019

Adding New Talent to Dominate in 2019

We want to make sure 2019 is our best year yet, so we’re excited to announce that we’re adding new talent to Team Primus Management Group. Our industry is booming, so we want to find business-minded people who are ready to grow right along with our company. Cory, our firm’s President, explained that those who are super-motivated and have sports-minded mentalities will be ideal fits in our work culture.

New additions to our team enjoy personalized coaching from our in-office mentors. Our seasoned team members take time to share what they’ve learned through their career journeys, helping incoming associates build confidence in the process. We also offer travel incentives that amplify the lessons our newest hires learn from their mentors.

We emphasize clear goals as we help our new hires develop their skills. The more specific our career objectives are, the more likely we are to reach them. We ask team members to visualize where they want to be in the future. From there, it’s easier for our in-house coaches to offer the most helpful insights.

Regular feedback is another key part of our Primus Management Group culture. Our team members receive input that helps them understand what’s working well and where they can make improvements. Honest feedback from mentors and supervisors puts our associates in position to thrive.

We’re committed to building our team and our commitment to effective mentorship in the year to come. Follow Primus Management Group on Twitter for updates on our progress.