Join Primus Management Group’s
Pursuit of Excellence

Working with Primus Management Group means tapping into an amazing opportunity. Our firm is always expanding, which means fresh perspectives are welcome at all times. Those who join our team enjoy a rich suite of benefits, which allows them to develop their careers and grow as individuals. We invest in people who invest in us.

Professionalism Flourishes at Primus Management Group

At Primus Management Group, no one gets overlooked. The following attributes make our organization what it is:

• We’re people-centered, not a company driven by numbers
• We support and value one another, instead of relying on a stiff hierarchy

With these qualities, we provide a collaborative culture in which everyone succeeds.

If this sounds like the right place to build a career, learn more about the perks offered at Primus Management Group.

Getting Started

No one wants to sit through mundane training sessions. That’s why we never ask our new associates to do so. From the initial moments with us, our team members:

• are immersed in hands-on learning
• contribute to the campaign development process
• enhance their sales and marketing acumen through ongoing professional experiences


There are many reasons Primus Management Group is a recognized leader in the sales and marketing sector. Collaboration is one of the biggest. We work seamlessly together – even as we pursue personal advancement. Instead of competing, we move in the same direction and celebrate every victory.


Those who lead Primus Management Group worked their way to the top of the organization, so they understand the process entry-level team members must navigate. These managers are perfectly suited to coach associates as they move upward within the firm.


Full of wanderlust, we at Primus Management Group take advantage of every chance to travel throughout the year. These are some of the functions we attend:

• Leadership conferences
• Regional cross-trainings
• Rest and relaxation retreats
• And many more!

Travel is one of the most appreciated tools we use to reward our associates for their commitment to our company. The ability to explore the world together makes every experience even more meaningful.


All our events and excursions come with numerous networking possibilities. Everything they attend affords them access to influential businesspeople as well as community leaders. Our associates build confidence and mutually beneficial relationships at the same time. As their support systems grow, so do they.

Fulfilling Careers Await at Primus Management Group

If a thriving marketing and consulting career is in the cards, Primus Management Group is the place to launch it. Apply online to get more details and embrace the possibilities.