Celebrating James’ Promotion and Our Expansion

Celebrating James’ Promotion and Our Expansion

There is always a valid reason to recognize one of our associates, and this month we have an extra-special cause for celebration. James, one of our top producers, was just promoted to the assistant manager position, and will be opening his own Primus Management Group office this year!

“James has always gone above and beyond for his team, and now has the chance to build and grow his very own team in his own office,” shared Sarah, our Primus Management Group admin. “It’s a pleasure working with him, and we’re all very excited to see what he does with this fantastic opportunity.”

We had the chance to catch up with James and ask him what he’s learned in his career journey so far. “I’ve learned why having a positive mind-set is so important,” he said. “Having the courage to make choices and then face the consequences, no matter how difficult that may be, is one of the biggest indicators of how far a person will go in life.”

When asked what he appreciated most about being a part of Primus Management Group, James said, “The number one aspect I like about working here is the camaraderie. The atmosphere in our workplace is almost the same as being part of a family, or part of a really tight sports team. The relationships I’m building here, both personally and professionally, will last my whole lifetime.”

James is a perfect example of how someone with ambition and vision can join our organization and achieve any level of success they desire. Follow us on Facebook to learn when our new office will open.