How to Create and Maintain an Attractive CSR Program

How to Create and Maintain an Attractive CSR Program

Our sense of social awareness makes our firm a very attractive career destination for many people, especially millennials. These are some of the Primus Management Group guidelines we use for our giveback projects that make us a very appealing workplace:

• Give From the Heart: When we choose which causes to support, we do so as a group. This way, we’re personally connected to the outcome of our event.

• Focus on Consistency: When we pick a new nonprofit to get involved with, we don’t stop supporting organizations with which we’ve already worked. We remain loyal to worthy causes, knowing that consistent giving on our part helps them make a greater impact.

• Keep it Simple: While we want to make a difference, we must make sure we don’t overextend ourselves. This way, we can remain consistent in our Primus Management Group efforts and save some energy for the next giveback event.

• Get Different Divisions Working Together: One of the best benefits we receive from our CSR programs is the chance to work with team members who we might not ordinarily see during a normal workday. Not only is this fun, it strengthens office communication.

There are many good reasons for a company to adopt a CSR program, and one of the best is that it attracts talented people. To learn more about our commitment to resolving social issues, check out our Primus Management Group Newswire feed.