We Develop Well-Rounded Leaders

We Develop Well-Rounded Leaders

Around the Primus Management Group office, we believe that focusing on collaboration allows our team members to naturally feel like part of something bigger than themselves. That’s also a good way to describe our approach to leadership development. We want our team members to communicate freely and work together as they become confident leaders. These are a few key traits we emphasize as we train tomorrow’s frontrunners:

• Communication Skills: We encourage our team members to freely share their ideas and opinions. Leaders must be able to clearly convey expectations and motivate people. Just as importantly, they need to be strong listeners. For all these reasons, we want our associates to be accustomed to exchanging their thoughts and concerns.

• Decisiveness: There’s a risk that comes with every big decision a leader makes. We make this clear through our Primus Management Group training efforts. Our future frontrunners are trained to embrace risk and take focused action when they need to choose a path.

• Integrity: For us, this means more than just being true to your word. For a leader, behaving with integrity also means owning mistakes as well as success and spreading the credit when there’s a big win to celebrate.

We keep these qualities in mind as we train the next wave of Primus Management Group leaders. Like us on Facebook for more on how we prepare our people for long-term success.