Why Friendship in Company Culture Is Important

Why Friendship in Company Culture Is Important

Working with friendly people is an essential component of career success. It’s important to go to work every day knowing there will be support and encouragement, not to mention great lunchtime and breaktime company. Friendliness forms the essence of the Primus Management Group culture, and our motivation and performance soar because of it.

To build friendship into your office environment, it must first be one of your business values. You can encourage it in your people by giving them the freedom to be authentic. If they can be themselves at work just as they are at home, they will feel more comfortable all around. The connections they make with their colleagues will be genuine.

Team-building activities will help you keep friendships strong. Organize and host events that bring everyone together away from the context of work. When it comes to team gatherings, some Primus Management Group favorites include dinners, bowling, miniature golfing, and hiking.

A shared vision, or purpose, is another way to foster friendship in the workplace. Camaraderie is a given when everyone is working toward the same outcome. When members share their goals and discuss their progress with each other – perhaps during weekly meeting rituals – they stay engaged.

These are just a few ways you can bring your people together in the spirit of friendship.