Give Your Presentations Polish With These Tips

Give Your Presentations Polish With These Tips

We present a lot as part of our Primus Management Group business model. Therefore, we keep on top of the latest best practices to ensure we bring our A-game to our public speaking engagements. Our main goal is to become confident presenters who can win over any audience. Here are three factors we can consider as we prepare to speak before others:

• Practice: Anyone new to public speaking knows it’s not a great idea to just wing it. In our Primus Management Group learning environment, we coach our newest people on how to deliver presentations. They practice and review and practice some more so that they are completely comfortable with the delivery.

• Be Conscious of Body Language: Our credibility as presenters is established not only by what we say but also what we project, so it’s important for our nonverbal cues to match our messages. We need to display confidence in our gestures, posture, facial expressions, and level of eye contact. All of these cues are needed if we want to project authenticity.

• Celebrate and Review: One of our Primus Management Group office rules is to celebrate our accomplishments. After we relish the moment, our next objective is to carefully review our performance and determine what factors were successful and what need more work.

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