Our Growth Creates Leadership Opportunities

Our Growth Creates Leadership Opportunities

With our commitment to promoting internally and big expansion plans on the horizon, we have a number of spaces to fill on our team. That said, we’re looking to grow Primus Management Group with people who are motivated to achieve their goals.

We asked Cory, President of Primus Management Group, what he looks for in candidates. “I want to see professionalism, from the way the potential recruits dress to the way they verbally present themselves. We need team members who have leadership skills and who want to maintain the roles of strong leaders. The three big factors we look for are work ethic, positive mind-set, and hunger for knowledge.”

While we look for potential leaders during our interview process, we fully expect to train and develop people along their career journeys. In fact, a big part of our learning curriculum centers around executive skills. For example, not only do we teach our associates how to network, but we provide travel opportunities so they have the chance to connect with like-minded professionals from different markets and even industries.

Also, our training system includes one-to-one coaching from a person’s first days with our team. This ensures that our novice executives always feel connected and supported, and that they have an experienced leader after whom to model themselves.

If you’re looking for a challenging yet gratifying career, consider a place on our team. To find out more about us, like Primus Management Group on Facebook.