Key Ways to Give Back to the Community

Key Ways to Give Back to the Community

Philanthropy is a part of our Primus Management Group culture. We give back to our community in numerous ways. Here are some opportunities we might consider when it comes to making a difference where we live, work, and play:

• Donate Rather Than Toss: One way in which businesses can give back to local charitable organizations is through item donations. For example, restaurants might donate unused food to a soup kitchen. A store might donate unsold items such as out-of-season clothes or bedding to a homeless shelter. Within an office, a coat or clothing drive presents a way for associates to clear their closets and help neighbors in need.

• Fundraise as a Team: In our Primus Management Group office, we seek ways to volunteer together. Fundraisers are a productive way to serve our community and bring us together for a worthy cause. There are several ways teams can participate in fundraising activities, such as 5K runs, assisting at a gala event, or even interoffice competitions that raise dollars.

• Create a Partnership With a Charity: We’ve observed through our Primus Management Group experiences working with charities that when firms partner with different nonprofits, the impact is strong. This could be as simple as giving a portion of sales to a cause. It could mean sponsoring an event.

How do you and your firm give back to others?