Leverage These Interview Habits to Advance Your Career

Leverage These Interview Habits to Advance Your Career

If you’ve landed an interview, you’ve already gained some measure of success. Getting the attention of a hiring manager is a challenging feat, and now you have an opportunity to make a face-to-face impression. Try the following techniques, which always make an impact on us during Primus Management Group interviews:

• Gather Information: The more you know, the better off you’ll be. When we meet with potential team members, for instance, we appreciate if they have some general knowledge about Primus Management Group. Some promising individuals even check us out online, brushing up on our vision of success, guiding principles, and current challenges.

• Be Gracious: This is obvious, but so important that it is worth mentioning anyway. The interview doesn’t begin when you sit down across from the hiring manager. On the contrary, it begins the moment you step onto the premises. From the janitor to the security guard to the receptionist, it’s crucial to treat everyone you encounter with kindness and respect.

• Send Thanks: Follow-up phone calls and emails are memorable gestures. Applicants who contact us after we meet with them, and thank us for their time, stand out from the rest. Handwritten notes are rarely used anymore, so they also grab our attention when we do receive them.

When you attend an interview, be informed, be gracious, and plan to follow up.