Making the Most of Philadelphia Conference

Making the Most of Philadelphia Conference

We enjoy all types of travel incentives as members of Team Primus Management Group. Recently, we attended a Top Leader and Admin conference in Philadelphia. Our entire team attended this rewarding event, including Zach, who is in line for a promotion to assistant manager. The conference also featured a keynote speech from Sarah, one of our top performers.

Industry gatherings such as the Philadelphia conference offer unmatched networking potential. We do our best to take advantage of this by doing some research before an event gets underway. When we explore social media pages related to a conference, we gain some insight into who will be in attendance. From there, we can cruise over to LinkedIn and craft some icebreakers with the background info we discover.

We also jot down a few notes about every discussion we have during a conference. One sound strategy is to list key info on the back of the business cards we collect. When we return to the Primus Management Group office, it’s easy to write detailed follow-up messages.

Body language is also something we focus on during industry events. We want to project our interest in making connections, so we flash warm smiles to the people we meet. We also keep open postures and lean in slightly when another person is speaking to communicate our willingness to forge meaningful bonds.

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