Positivity and Professionalism Make Good Impressions

Positivity and Professionalism Make Good Impressions

We learn so many things in our Primus Management Group learning environment. Our professional development objectives include knowledge on the basics we need to succeed in any business setting. Mind-set and appearance are two such qualities that project much about ourselves to others, so these aspects of our career are often fodder for in-house discussions.

“To connect with others, we have to make a positive first impression,” explained Cory, Primus Management Group’s President. “People are drawn to others who look and act friendly. In our industry, we represent our national partners in front of customers, which is why we emphasize everything from a projecting a positive attitude to wearing proper business attire.” Let’s explore some of the tips that our leaders impart:

• Project Your Inner Positivity: Confidence matters in the customer acquisition industry. We project this to others in how we carry ourselves. This means good posture, open and friendly nonverbal cues, and of course, a sincere smile. When we appear welcoming, others feel comfortable around us, which is key to engaging people.

• Make Good Wardrobe Choices: A professional look is a polished look. We focus on good quality, well-fitted clothing made of better fabrics that hang nicely on us (and hold up to numerous washings). Our wardrobe choices should align with our industry standards.

• Think Neat and Clean: Good grooming is key. Beyond our daily hygiene routines, our focus should be on hairstyles that are professional. Men’s beards should be tight. Women should consider manicures, especially if we’re presenting.

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