The Secret to a Better Network Is to Help Others

The Secret to a Better Network Is to Help Others

We’re all about building strong professional networks in our Primus Management Group office. One of the most effective practices we’ve learned is to be of assistance to others. Here are some ways that helping people in our networks can lead to positive impacts for us:

• Helping Others Builds Leadership Creds: People who can teach others are those who are recognized as leaders. In our Primus Management Group learning environment, our seasoned managers rise to the level of coaches. They impart their wisdom, providing guidance and suggestions to help our newest team members thrive. In any business situation, providing someone else with valuable assistance can add credibility to our leadership reputation.

• Activates Network: When we provide aid to others, it’s akin to putting money in the bank. Those individuals we assist remember our generosity. It keeps us in their paths of visibility as well. It strengthens these connections and when the time is right, they’re more likely to reciprocate.

• Helps Us Grow: One of the points we discuss in our Primus Management Group training is that any opportunity to showcase our knowledge or skills is good for us. We yearn for the chance to put our abilities to work. Experience matters, so when we can help others, we help ourselves, too.

The best way to build our network is to help each other.