Our Sports-Minded Approach Fuels Our Success

Our Sports-Minded Approach Fuels Our Success

We actively maintain a sports-inspired mentality as we pursue our biggest Primus Management Group goals. Just as the best athletes step up their games in challenging situations, we remain innovative to stay ahead of the competition. We frequently enjoy fun office contests and play sports during our team nights, all of which keep our team motivated and engaged.

One key element of a sports mentality we’ve taken to heart is the idea that we have to keep moving forward. Top-flight athletes and teams never allow losses to dull their determination. We do our best to emulate this mind-set around Primus Management Group HQ, taking the productive lessons from unexpected outcomes and moving on to the next challenge.

Great athletes also thrive on pressure, so we routinely push ourselves beyond our current skill sets. We take calculated risks that take us beyond our comfort zones and help us discover hidden strengths at the same time.

We’ve also learned a lot about team morale through our emphasis on sports mentalities. With every in-office competition or active team outing, we grow closer as colleagues. Teamwork around the office gets stronger with our group activities because we get to see positive traits that might not come out during the course of a normal workday.

Like a winning sports team, we’re ready to post big wins throughout 2019. Like Primus Management Group on [Facebook] for more on our sports-minded approach.