A Summer Filled With Team Travel

A Summer Filled With Team Travel

The theme of summer 2019 around the Primus Management Group office will be growing through travel. We have plans to attend a national meeting in another state and visit other local offices to share our knowledge. Sitting in an office while staring at a glowing screen isn’t a replacement for putting your feet on the ground and expanding your professional horizons. We’ll work to prove this maxim in the months to come.

Cory, our firm’s President, explained that meeting new people is one of the primary benefits of business travel. Every time we venture away from the home office to represent Primus Management Group at a big industry function, we come back with helpful new contacts who can aid our careers. The connections we make on the road also lead to unexpected ventures for our company as a whole.

We also get to forge tighter bonds with our teammates when we travel together. Every trip is a new chance to learn more about our colleagues’ personalities away from work. Our collaboration back at the office always benefits from the personal insights we gain through travel.

Time management skills are also sharpened with each business trip. We’ve become more adept at adjusting on the fly thanks to our travel events, which pays off handsomely on the job. Ours is a rapidly evolving industry, so learning to stay on our toes through schedule changes and travel delays is helpful.

We always have a fun and rewarding excursion right around the corner. Keep up with our travel plans by checking out the Primus Management Group Newswire feed.