Our Team Is the Cornerstone of Our Company

Our Team Is the Cornerstone of Our Company

The prosperity of Primus Management Group depends a great deal on our ability to function as a team. This is why we devote our time to creating a culture that encourages camaraderie and collaboration.

Team building is one developmental area that many companies overlook. We regularly schedule fun team-building exercises, such as catching water balloons at a distance or walking blindly through a maze. These and other exercises are designed to inspire us to brainstorm about challenges, or get to know our colleagues in a way that isn’t defined by our normal work routine.

Fun and games aren’t the only tools we have for creating a unified workplace. In fact, team building starts with our interview process. We ask questions that give us insight into a person’s values and goals, not just their skill set or work history. This way, when we hire someone, we can be confident they will thrive in and contribute to our culture.

Once someone is invited to come on board, they are immediately paired with a coach. This one-to-one guidance not only ensures that our new associates learn our methods as quickly as possible, but it sends the message that at Primus Management Group, we work best when we work together.

There are many more effective team-building tools at our disposal. Find out more about them by following Primus Management Group on Twitter.