Three Outstanding Associates Earn the Spotlight

Three Outstanding Associates Earn the Spotlight

Every month, we take time out to publicly applaud the high-level professionals who contribute to Primus Management Group’s success. Cory, our firm’s President, reported that we actually have three top performers to highlight this month. These dedicated individuals uphold our company’s core values as they achieve their ambitious goals.

Jenna is the first team member we want to recognize this month. Cory explained that she demonstrates a strong work ethic day in and day out around our office. Jenna was rewarded for her efforts with the chance to represent Primus Management Group at a recent national networking event in Dallas. We’re sure she made a strong impression on everyone she met during her trip.

Shane has earned his time in the spotlight by shining a positive light in our office. He’s always easy-going and charismatic. Cory stated that Shane is the definition of a people person, which helps him reach new heights in his career.

Durum is being recognized for his outstanding leadership abilities. He’s a strong team player who is always there to help his colleagues reach their goals. Cory added that Durum is someone whom others naturally look up to because he brings confidence to every new challenge.

We’re proud to have Jenna, Shane, and Durum setting great examples in our workspace. Follow Primus Management Group on Twitter for regular updates on all our top performers.