PRESS RELEASE: Our Travel Program Offers Many Rewards

PRESS RELEASE: Our Travel Program Offers Many Rewards

We reward our top Primus Management Group performers with a wide range of travel opportunities. Every time our associates venture away from the office to attend industry conferences and other gatherings, they build their confidence. Select members of our team have been chosen to represent our company at the quarterly networking conference in Dallas, where they’ll be surrounded by all kinds of successful people.

We asked our leaders a few questions about their experience. Our Entrepreneur on the Rise, Cory, explained “I was hoping to take home some insights on the managers’ backstories and experiences in the business and that is exactly what happened. The opportunity to speak with people who are in the same position I want to be in, is invaluable. The best part for me was the segment done by a manager named Joy. She did an in-depth breakdown of a 6-week cycle for the development of a new leader. The transition from entry-level to a leader is a big hurdle. Anything we can do to make this a seamless process is crucial. I found this both helpful and encouraging. I learned I need to act like the person I want my crew to be. To lead by example. I have a better understanding of the way I need to carry myself. I need to be more disciplined and will apply this to my daily routine.”

Terrel, another Leader who represented Primus Management Group spoke of his experiences. “My main focus is getting to understand how each manager prospered even when the will power seemed non-existent. I am confident in the field and applying those lessons to my life. However, it is always important to see how others continue to move forward even when everything seems to be falling apart. The best was actually hearing Larry speak in front of everyone. His mindset on the business helped to reassure that I am on the right path to success. He takes the business away from just doing sales; although managers have already reiterated that. His message stuck with me the most since he has 30 years of experience within the industry. I learned that I must learn to be more patient. Others expressed that was one of their biggest weaknesses too. So I proceeded to ask what aspects of the field will help with developing more patience. I’ve concluded that in order for me to make this weakness a strength, I must do a better a job at networking and reaching out. Learning how to be patient is similar to learning confidence. It’s something that I will have to find on my own.”

There are plentiful travel opportunities for our Administrators as well. We believe in maintaining a strong network is a key element to our success. Our people have learned that successful networking has a lot in common with being a strong public speaker. In both instances, you want to project confidence and know your audience. Our associates do their homework before any big event, so they know some background info about potential contacts. By practicing their elevator pitches, they make strong impressions on those they meet. Just as with giving speeches, our team members have found that being well prepared helps them succeed when networking.

To be considered to attend these national meeting, Primus Management Group executives need to qualify by reaching or exceed their goals. For this particular event, four top performers were selected to attend based on their outstanding performance with Primus Management Group. Jenna was selected to represent Primus management for her outstanding performance. She is the next entrepreneur on the rise who is gaining traction within the industry. Accompanying Jenna on the trip was Terrell and Thomas. Terrell and Thomas expanded their vast network at this event by linking with the most influential leaders in the industry. With their strong student mentality and leveraging their people skills they are on the right path to success.

Making strong new connections is one of the prime benefits of business travel. Learn more about how we approach networking by liking Primus Management Group on Facebook.

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