Whip Up the PERFECT Thank-You Note to Land a Job

Whip Up the PERFECT Thank-You Note to Land a Job

There are a lot of key qualities we look for in our Primus Management Group recruitment process. However, none quite says gracious like a well-developed thank-you note following an interview. Let’s explore what makes some letters stand out more than others.

As we impart in our Primus Management Group training, thank-you notes should be sent within 24 hours of an interview. This serves two distinct purposes. One, it demonstrates the applicant’s promptness and courtesy. Second, it’s easier for the recruiter to connect the meeting with the letter. Make sure to use a professional yet meaningful subject line in this email.

Each letter should be personalized so that the response is more personal as well. As we note in our Primus Management Group training, each correspondence should reflect a sincere appreciation for the recruiter’s thorough questions. The more detailed this letter is, the greater the response will be as well, as it demonstrates the applicant’s attention to detail.

Thank you notes are a final communication with the board that will seal our fates. This is an opportunity for us to showcase our talents and offer additional information that could provide recruiters with insights that could then be used to bolster our skills in the eyes of a hiring manager.

Not only are thank-you notes gracious, they speak to your attention to detail.